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Why You Need A Facebook Page For Your Business

Have you been thinking about taking the plunge and setting up a Facebook page for your business? Are you still on the fence about creating one?

You’ll probably notice that other businesses in your town are on Facebook, maybe even your competition. Facebook has 1.09 billion active users every day, as of April 2016. That’s a lot of potential clients you could be connecting with.

The advantages of a Facebook business page

A Facebook business page will increase your exposure to your potential clients. With all those active users, so many of them are searching Facebook for businesses that they will need. If you aren’t online you won’t be able to compete.

The cost for starting a Facebook page is free. This can help lower your overall marketing costs for your business. Their online advertising is fairly inexpensive depending on your audience and it’s much easier to hit your target audience.

Having a Facebook page helps build your business’ brand. Building your brand with an authentic voice is important and a business page gives you this opportunity. Having familiar graphics mirrored on your page gives your brand consistency.

Facebook pages help with your Search Engine Optimization and your website. Search engines quickly index Facebook pages making your page searchable and helps potential clients find you. Your page can also drive customers to your website bringing up page views there.

Facebook has a great insights page. It allows you to track user interaction on your page. You can also see when your fans are online to better plan when you are going to post. There are many factors you can track like your fan’s demographics.

Sharing content about your business is super easy. Sharing photos, links, and live video allows you so much flexibility. There is a scheduling feature built right in so you can easily plan out ahead of time. This lets you create a proper marketing plan.

If you need help with setting up your Facebook page, creating meaningful content or setting up a Facebook ad campaign please contact me.

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