3 Small Local Businesses That Rock Facebook

Facebook has many options to help out small local businesses. Here are 3 businesses in the Ottawa Valley that are engaging their customers on Facebook and doing it very well.


Odi’s Kingburger


Odi’s Kingburger is a small, family-run, drive-thru, burger joint in Renfrew, Ontario. Their Facebook Page is the right mixture of professional, personal and interaction with customers. They hold regular contests with their fans and their followers post photos of their food and tag Odi’s in them. They have really embraced social media and it’s worked well for them.

The Rainbow Heritage Gardens

Rainbow Heritage Gardens is an organic farm in Cobden, Ontario. They deliver vegetables weekly all over the valley during the season. They update their Facebook newsfeed at least every day with beautiful photos and updates of their farm life and recipes. They create the story behind their product with their Facebook Page.

Skylight Drive-In

Skylight Drive-in is a theatre in Pembroke, Ontario. They are the only drive-in theatre in the Ottawa Valley. Their Facebook page is constantly updated with the new features. They also engage their followers by asking questions and getting feedback. Skylight also uses Facebook to post their Frequently Asked Questions. Since they are a seasonal business it’s important to take advantage of the time they are open and build those relationships.

What can you take away for your business?

When you have a Facebook Page it’s important to interact with your customers on a regular basis. Making a social media marketing plan and stick to it. Make sure you use eye-catching content in your posts. Post like images, videos and contests bring in views.

If you need help with your Facebook Page, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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