Blogging is Good for Small Business

Do you wonder if your small business should start a blog? Is it worth the extra time and effort?

It seems like everybody who has a business website has a blog. As a small business owner, the appeal would be the low cost. The cost of a blog is the time investment for all your writing and creation of other content. Being organized and having systems in place you can write up a blog on a weekly basis pretty easily.

Here are some of the benefits of having a business blog:

  1. It will increase your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good SEO will bring up your website’s listing on Google. If you keep your blog updated with fresh relevant content it gives Google something to crawl. Keeping your business high in Google search results makes it easier for customers to find you on Google.
  2. It gives readers a look into your personality and business. Being able to look behind the scenes it quite helpful. People hire people they like and know. When people are able to read your blog they feel like they know you even if you’ve never met.
  3. Establishing yourself as an expert. If you allow readers to see what you do or give advice you will start to establish trust with your readers and future customers. You don’t want to give people so much information that they don’t need your business but helping people so they even know how to hire you is a good idea.
  4. Your blog is working even when you’re on holidays. Most businesses are not open all the time. Having a website with a blog will allow visitors to read up on you even when you are not available.
  5. The content is owned by you. All the content you write, you own. Some businesses use the content to create e-books for profit. Writing posts over time grows your content into something much larger.

Fitbit is a great example of a company blog. It’s a health blog, focusing on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Which supports their product which monitors these things. They also are able to post about their company culture which is a trust builder. While Fitbit is a large business and posts very frequently, I think there’s a lot a small business can take away from their example. Beautiful on-brand posts with relevant information is what every small business should strive for.

If you are thinking about creating a website and blog for your business please contact me.


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