High Five Creative Design Process

Design Process

Many people like to know what work goes into a design. It looks so easy when you see a finished product but there’s a lot of prep work that goes into the design process.

  1. Client Questionnaire – Once the potential client has contacted me, I send out a questionnaire. It has all the questions to start the design process.
  2. Meeting – We get to meet or have a phone call. This is a chance for me to ask any other questions that the questionnaire didn’t answer for me.
  3. Research – I go over all the information I’ve collected and start to make notes and think about how to go ahead.
  4. Concept Sketching – I start sketching out roughs of the design on paper. It’s easier to stay away from the computer at this stage.
  5. Presentation of 2-3 Mockups – I will present the mockups to the client. They will approve one of the directions and give any revisions they would like.
  6. Revisions from Client – I revise the client’s approved mockup. Usually, there are 2 sets of revisions included in my quote.
  7. Format files – This is where I complete the final files. With branding files, there would be a standard sheet, logo files, colour palettes, font choice and any other files.
  8. Delivery of Final Files – The client receives the final files that we agreed upon in the quote. There are high fives all around!

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